Sin-Free Sugar


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Why is Sin-Free Sugar Real Sugar, Only Better?

Sin-Free Sugar is made of naturally-occurring sugars, therefore, it is actually real sugar. However, it does not contain calories neither does it contain any artificial ingredients. Sin-Free Sugar is also diabetic friendly because it does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels, making it the healthiest option for the sweet tooth. These are reasons why Sin-Free Sugar is better than regular sugar!

What does Sin-Free Sugar taste like?

Sin-Free Sugar is deliciously sweet and similar to regular table sugar. It has been described as pleasant and refreshingly sweet with absolutely no aftertaste. Because of these reasons, it can be used in many foods and beverages including desserts, baked goods, yogurt, coffee, and tea.

Where can I buy Sin-Free Sugar?

You can find Sin-Free Sugar in many grocery stores and supermarkets across the nation. To find a store near you, please use our store locator. Sin-Free Sugar can also be purchased right here on our website store.

How does Sin-Free Sugar differ from regular table sugar?

Sin-Free Sugar does not contain any calories or fructose, therefore it is great for weight watchers! Sin-Free Sugar is also diabetic friendly because it does not have the same effect as sugar in raising blood sugar levels or insulin levels.

What if I have diabetes?

Sin-Free Sugar is diabetic friendly! This is because Sin-Free Sugar does not contain any calories nor does it have the same effects as sugar in raising blood sugar levels or insulin levels.

Sin-Free sugar causes no elevation in blood sugar, which makes it suitable for people with diabetes. This finding was confirmed by a study at Sydney University, a world leader in Glycemic Index research. The study concluded that Sin-Free Sugar has an extremely low glycemic index of 2.0. The glycemic index (GI) of a certain food is the measure of the rate at which blood glucose levels rise after consuming that food. To find out more about the study, please download the research here.

How does Sin-Free Sugar differ from other sweeteners?

Sin-Free Sugar contains only ingredients that can be found in nature. Sin-Free Sugar has no artificial ingredients or chemicals. Sin-Free Sugar is deliciously sweet. It tastes and looks similar to regular table sugar. Sin-Free Sugar also does not have any awkward aftertaste.

Also, unlike other sweeteners and sugar substitutes that require separate formulas for cooking and baking, there is only one Sin-Free Sugar by UBB™ formula. This single versatile formula can be used with hot and cold foods and beverages. It has a high heat tolerance, allowing for easy cooking and baking!

What is in Sin-Free Sugar?

Sin-Free Sugar is a natural-based sweetener consisting of ingredients that can all be found in nature. This includes xylose, a naturally occurring sugar, erythritol and Natural Fibers (Glucose, Fucose, Galactose, Mannose and N-Acetyl Glucosamine). Sin-Free Sugar contains no calories or artificial ingredients.

Where is Sin-Free Sugar made?

Sin-Free Sugar is made and packaged in the USA in the lovely city of Walnut, California.

Will Sin-Free Sugar cause cavities or tooth decay?

Concerned about your smile? You'll be happy to hear that Sin-Free Sugar does not cause cavities or tooth decay.