Sin-Free Sugar


Health Professionals

February 24, 2014

Sin-Free Sugar was developed as a revolutionary sweetener, one that would taste nearly identical to natural table sugar but would contain NO calories or artificial ingredients. Utilizing the unique UBBTM formula, Sin-Free Sugar is sweetened using only NATURAL ingredients including xylose, the many simple sugars in brown seaweed extract, and erythritol, the sugar-alcohol that occurs naturally in some fruits. Because the product does not contain any calories or fructose, we knew it would be ideal for consumers concerned with watching their weight. But a main concern in developing this product was that it would also be diabetic friendly. To that end we commissioned an extensive scientific study to determine that of Sin-Free Sugar did not have the same effect as table sugar in raising blood sugar or insulin levels.

Only a few research groups worldwide currently provide a service which accurately tests the glycemic index values found in foods. We contacted the Sydney University’s Glycemic Index Research Service (SUGiRS), whose internationally renowned Human Nutrition Unit was founded to meet the increasing demand for GI research by food manufactures and pharmaceutical companies. The HNU, relying on research conducted by Fiona Atkinson and Professor Jennnie-Brand-Miller, co-authors of The International Tables of Glycemic Index, tested Sin-Free Sugar and conclusively found it’s GI levels safe for use by diabetics. For a more in-depth look at the study,
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