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I both work and shop at the wonderful HEB grocery here in
Texas. There was a nice coupon hanging from the product. I didn't believe a word it said! However, I was intrigued as I am the "unofficial" organis non GMO chef around here. I purchased some organic strawberries and with a "here goes nothing" attitude, I dipped and ate the most amazingly delicious treat! NO aftertaste...NO chemicals..NO fake anything!! I'm going to let .a nutrition class I'm in on this wonderful product

Sharon Mullin

It really is the best!

Cannot believe how fantastic this is!!! Tastes like real sugar and I absolutely cannot tell a difference in my morning coffee! Thank you for making a product that has helped me kick my sugar addiction.


Good Bye Splenda Hello to friend Sin Free Sugar

I can't tell the difference between regular sugar and sin free sugar!! What a amazing product you have, now if you can just make a deal with the soda and cookie manufacturers my world will be grand!! THANK YOU SIN FREE SUGAR YOU MADE MY LIFE SWEETER!

cheri hall


I have been using Sin-Free Sugar since last summer. I'm not a huge sweet lover, but I do drink a lot of tea and I like it with milk and sugar. Sin-Free gives me the mild sweetness without adding the calories of regular sugar or the awful aftertaste! I am a health conscious person and i try to eat the things that are good for me, and this fits right in. I have not only purchased the bags but the individual packets and I carry them in my purse so that I always have it on hand if I go out for dinner or on vacation. The only drawback is that it is not carried anywhere within 50 miles of my home, so I have to purchase online. Great product, I'm a happy consumer!

Katherine Davis

Sin-Free Sugar tastes better than real sugar!

I am health conscious and want the best for my family. Being that my son has a sweet tooth, sin-free sugar has been a wonderful solution to having sweets without the damaging effects of sugar. I enjoy sin-free sugar in my coffee too! I love that I don't have to worry about the extra calories and it does not have a terrible aftertaste like the "fake sugars". You have to try it! Easy to find at Sprouts...which is a store I trust to supply healthy foods.

Nikki Gibson


butterfly with correct recipe 003.JPG

I am an avid baker, specializing in Organic Whole food baking. My weakness is Sugar Cookies, the ones rolled and cut into cute little holdiay shapes and colorfully frosted... the problem with this is that I am a type 1 diabetic of 24 years. I have experimented with many different types of alternative sweetners, including Coconut Sugar, Erythritol, Xylitol, Turbinado Sugar, Stevia, and back 12 years ago before i knew how bad they were, I had even used Splenda, Equal, Sucralose... etc etc etc... all end up having a weird or terrible aftertaste, completely ruining my sugar cookie experience.

Two days ago, while shopping in the health food department at my local Kroger, I saw your "sin-free sugar" I thought to myself... Im sure that this will be like all the rest with bad ingredients and even worse taste.... I started to read the bag and found that it was naturally derived and NO aftertaste! Thought Id give it a try with my favorite sugar cookie recipe.... I WAS AMAZED!! I could NOT tell the difference between this and regular cane sugar. I am so relieved to have found this product and can stop searching. This will be my "sin-free Sugar" for ALL of my baking projects from this point on. Now I am excited about the upcoming holidays and cutting out my little cuties! Thank you for providing this product!

Kellie West

Thanks for letting me enjoy sweets again!

“Being a health and weight conscious sweets lover, I’ve tried everything possible out there to adhere to a “sugar-free” lifestyle but haven’t been as happy with any of the other alternatives until now. Finding Sin-Free Sugar at my newly opened Sprouts was the answer to my prayers!!! Sin-Free Sugar tastes great and does not have any adverse side effects (like tummy upset or bitter aftertaste). Thanks for letting me enjoy sweets again!”

Anne G. from Missouri

Love Sin-Free Sugar!

“We added it to our strawberries last night…and honestly the kids didn’t know the difference (after being stirred in…it made a similar syrupy liquid that sugar typically does)…but mommy was confident that using Sin-Free Sugar by UBB instead of regular table sugar was a healthier option for our dessert…without losing any sweetness!”

Courtney C.

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